Let’s face it, every woman wants a big and round booty. Why? Because it’s sexy, attractive and every men like a girl with a fine booty.  To put it simple you want a nice round firm buttock not a flat loose plain one. You’re looking for a butt that looks good in a bikini, leggings, pants or in a nice pair of jeans .

Before we start to the list of all the exercises, let’s take a closer look at our glute muscles.
Three Butt Muscles You Need to Know

There are three muscles in your butt. These include the:

Gluteus Maximus: Located above the gluteus medius, the maximus is the largest of the three muscles.
Gluteus Medius: Located on the high end above your maximus.
Gluteus Minimus: Located on the lower end, connecting your maximus with your hamstrings
The Gluteus Maximus is the main muscle we will concentrate on for adding size, though the other ones are also very important for developing the shape you want.

Randomly selecting three or four different exercises for a bigger butt workout will not ensure you are hitting all three glute muscles and will leave you with minimal results.

Our task is to not only hit our butt with intensity but also hit all three muscles for maximum stimulation and growth. Now let’s move on to our top exercise list.